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Plagiarism in Art

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Do you know people that copy the work of other artists and call it their own?

Unfortunately the answer is most likely a big yes.

It is even worse when your own work has been plagiarized!

In the classroom students like to copy clip art, characters,and various images. Sometimes they just think teachers are being mean by not letting them copy published works. It's good to get them in the mind set of being original and how to do research for art projects or just drawing from life. I will be writing another blog on Art Research and how to come up with original ideas.

I created this Poster for classroom use only and it is not for sale. I have to say it has caught my students attention. I see them looking at and actually reading it.

I used Craig Horky's awesome drawing with the two headed cat and yes I got his permission to use it for my poster. I challenge you to come up with your own anti plagiarist poster and make sure if you use anyone's art on it be sure to always give them credit on the actual poster.

If you create a poster and would like to send it in, I would love to add it to this blog with a link to your page.

I would also like to have a visual library for teachers to show their students examples of plagiarism in art with side by side visual examples. Email me and to include artists names and/or links to their work and add plagiarism into the title! Thank you so much!


Top: Copy Bottom: Original

My sister Monica saw this drawing (top) on a wall in a Houston restaurant.

She recognized it and realized it was a copy of her friend Estibaliz's work in Spain!

Small world right!

You can see more of Estibaliz Hernandez de Miguel's work here.

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