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Mixed Media Contour Drawing

Updated: Sep 11, 2019



You will be able to draw a picture without looking at the paper. You will look at the object while you are drawing it.


Paper, Pencil, objects 

Quick Practice to get the hang on contour drawing!

1. Fold paper into fours

2. In the first box draw a shoe. Any shoe that comes to mind.

3. In the second box look at the shoe you are wearing, look at all the details, then put it away and draw from memory.

4. In the third box you can take off your shoe and put it on the table and draw what you see.

5. Watch this video on contour drawing

6. In the final box you will use the contour drawing method and draw your shoe. This time just look at the shoe and use your hand and eye coordination to draw what your are actually seeing not what you think you see.

7. Now look at your progress! If you didn't improve you are probably still drawing from your mind and not what you see. Another way to help you draw what you see is to practice Blind Contour Drawing.

Once you are comfortable with really looking at what you see and feel you really have the hang of contour drawing it is time to move onto the Project!

Mixed Media Contour Project!


Drawing paper, pencil, blue ballpoint pen, watercolor paint


Draw what you see from life. Create a pattern and learn to mix and blend watercolors.

1. Do some practice contour drawings of your hand, once you get the swing of it try holding an object or add in your jewelry.

2. Once you get the comfortable do a large contour drawing on a sheet of white paper. Be sure to fill up the space and draw big!

3. When you are done be sure to trace over your lines with blue ball point pen. Make some lines thicker and leave some thin. This will show emphasis and make your drawing more interesting.

Next step come up with a simple pattern for your background. Draw it in lightly with a pencil.

Now the fun part! Do some water color pattern research, and maybe look up some water technique videos to get you acquainted with water color if you have never used them before.

For the final piece we paint the background in watercolor then add a quote anywhere on the page! Be sure to put it in an interesting spot!

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Sophia Buddenhagen
Sophia Buddenhagen
Sep 11, 2019

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