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Sophia is painting a series of 100 paintings inspired from Galveston TEXAS.

Most of Her sources are from her photography as well as memories. To add to Her source collection for this series we are taking in photo submissions. If The photos fits the Mood for this collection Then bonus there will be a painting created from your photography.  


So here is the skinny!

photos must be taken in Galveston. Sophia is looking for beach, surf, skateboarding, bay side, fishing, architecture, people, Lifestyle, floral, vehicles,  anything  You find interesting with fun angles and shows a moment in Galveston,   if the Photographer  is not longer living, that is fine Just include their information in the last box of this form, that way they can get credit for inspo. All Paintings of photos chosen will be displayed in Galveston at an upcoming event so  stay tuned for more information and updates.

please do not submit photos you did not personally take. if you have a rad photo someone else took have them fill out the form and submit the photo themselves.

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